• How to Embrace Your Truth + Live a Truly Authentic Life

    Living an authentic life is a struggle for most of us (myself included). It’s daunting to figure out the unanswered question: who am I, really? The path to self-discovery is different for everyone. However, one thing remains the same – it has to be something you do for yourself and yourself alone. At this point, the question becomes, where do I start? Miss E asked herself this very question and began her own journey to self-love and authenticity. Let’s find out how she did it!

  • the truth behind boudoir

    The Truth Behind Why I Almost Canceled my Boudoir Photos

    The Truth Behind Boudoir

    Have you ever decided to jump outside your comfort zone and then panic? Every bit of doubt and fear you’ve ever held feels like it’s seeping from your pores. It’s insisting you aren’t capable. You aren’t worthy. You aren’t ENOUGH. Your inner voice is kicking and screaming to sabotage your growth. DO NOT LISTEN. It’s a trap. Your fear does not want you to grow. In fact, it’s dependent upon you listening to its need for things to remain stagnant, but it’s time to look fear in the eyes – and fly. Our client Miss C can relate to these feelings. She almost canceled her experience altogether. Want to know why and what happened when she didn’t? Continue reading to find the truth behind boudoir.

  • How to Liberate Yourself with the Power of “Yes”

    Do you often say, “no,” to new experiences even though you really would love to try them? Do you ever wonder why that happens? From personal experience, I can say it usually has something to do with fear. Fear of the unknown, of not being great at something, or even fear of change. What would happen, though, if we just accepted the power of “yes”?

  • confident-while-nude

    Baring it All: How to Finally Feel Confident While Nude

    Being naked in front of someone can be terrifying. It often doesn’t matter if that person is family, friend, or even your partner – we worry about what others see when they look at us. This is normal (albeit kind of annoying), but often gets in the way of enjoying yourself in vulnerable + intimate moments. I’ve done this to myself on more occasions than I care to admit. It begs the question – is there a way to overcome this fear? How? Now, this may sound a little counterintuitive (or maybe even crazy) to overcome this obstacle by stripping down in front of a stranger. I promise you, though, boudoir can make you confident while nude! I’m serious!

  • Pandemic Fatigue: How to overcome it with one meaningful experience

    Do you feel it? I do. Stuck in a never-ending cycle of work and home. Many things are closed or not fully operational. It all feels mundane, doesn’t it? Like you’re stuck in a rut with no way out. And while it seems we will have to deal with Covid for the foreseeable future, we don’t have to allow pandemic fatigue to hold us back from life-altering experiences.

  • Did One Photographer Really Unlock the Fountain of Youth?

    That’s a crazy concept, right? The “fountain of youth”? What if I told you that it’s real, but misunderstood? It’s not some special water you drink or pill you take, but the mindset you carry. It may sound like a strange concept, but I can prove it’s true. I witness this phenomenon occur through the lens of my camera frequently. Women of all ages feeling (and looking) younger during their photoshoot.

  • Do You Need to Be a Professional Model for Boudoir?

    You’ve seen all the social media photos of beautiful women posing in front of the camera. They look so natural in those photographs, you think to yourself. Women who are naturally beautiful and photogenic. They HAVE to be models, right? WRONG! Everyday women just like you (and me) have boudoir sessions. No professional model needed!

  • How to Transform Your Life in the New Year

    It’s finally 2021 (that’s what we’ve all been waiting for, right)! This also means it is the time of year when we all sit down and figure out our goals for the next 365 days. It always makes me excited to set intentions, and I hope to transfer some of that excitement to you! The time has come to transform your life. Stop living in your fear and hesitations and grasp hold of what’s really important – YOU!

  • How to Rediscover Your Power in One Easy Step

    We’ve all been there – felt as though everything you’ve been working towards just is not going the way you had planned. You start to feel powerless – like you have no control over the outcome. And while it is a common and familiar feeling for many of us, sometimes we just need a reminder that WE have the power. Luckily, we’ve found one step proven to help rediscover your power. Curious? Scroll down to learn more!

  • Can Weight Gain Actually Make You Feel Sexier?

    That seems crazy, right? Every day we are bombarded by media that is constantly encouraging us to shed pounds, but are they wrong? What if, instead of insecurity, weight gain gave you an air of confidence and self-love? I’m here to tell you – it can! I bet your curious as to how that’s possible, but I guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out (wink wink).