• Las Vegas Boudoir

    Las Vegas Boudoir

    This Las Vegas boudoir session will leave you wanting your own session, in Sin City or not! #TheTravelingBoudoirPhotographer has made her way to Sin City! While out in Las Vegas, we had the pleasure of photographing Adreanna. We thought it’d be perfect to stylize her session in the evening with beautiful ambient lights in the Flamingo Hotel room while the bright Las Vegas Strip lights were right outside our window. She is ever so stunning and you can see her confidence exude through these photos!

  • boudoir

    Boudoir + Harry Potter

    With Simply Lush Portrait Boutique, all boudoir sessions are tailored to each individual. This client happened to love Harry Potter. She brought cute Harry Potter underwear and her wand. We had so much fun in The Flamingo in Las Vegas! We blasted music, sang, danced, and what she had to say about her boudoir session left me speechless.

  • scranton boudoir specialist

    Scranton Boudoir Specialist

    Once you’ve decided you want boudoir photos, you then have to decide if you want just the photos or if you want the entire luxury experience. Being the only boudoir specialist in the Scranton/Wilkes-barre area, Simply Lush Portrait Boutique promises you will get pampered with professional makeup and hair, enjoy the experience of being in the spotlight, and leave with a pep in your step and a new view of the strong, brave woman you are and always were!

  • Comfortable & Confident Boudoir

    Comfortable & Confident Boudoir

    Katelyn has always wanted to have a comfortable & confident boudoir photoshoot and she wanted someone professional and fun. A friend of hers had went to Simply Lush Portrait Boutique and she absolutely loved her pictures from her session. She says Simply Lush also had lots of great reviews! She has a lot more to say…

  • Curvy Boudoir

    Curvy Boudoir

    Boudoir can be intimidating, especially if you feel larger than women you see being photographed. No need to be intimidated by me, all of my ladies know I love my curvy women and love curvy boudoir! See what one of my curvy clients had to say about her boudoir experience.

  • Outdoor Boudoir Photography

    We usually do boudoir and beauty portraits in our beautiful studio, but during this session we decided to step outside on this gorgeous summer day. By the way, who is missing this warm weather? I am dreading the cold winter!

    An alluring butterfly stuck around for the outdoor boudoir photography session which made the experience even more magical! Here is what Mariah has to say about her outdoor boudoir photography experience!

    “I was pretty nervous before our session. I had never done anything like this before! We all have our issues with our bodies, but I never thought I’d be comfortable enough with myself to go out there and even let just a photographer see me in this kind of light. Ashley made the entire experience super fun! She was very laid back and made me very comfortable. After the session I felt more beautiful than I could have imagined. With the hair and make-up, and especially all the encouragement from Ashley. It was magical. 

    Not only did I have so much fun at the shoot, Ashley made me feel beautiful. She is truly amazing. I wish every woman would be able to have this experience. Just a chance to feel more beautiful and sexy than you could ever imagine. You feel like all the models you see in ads or on the runway!

    Outdoor Boudoir Photography

  • scranton pennsylvania northeastern body positivity

    Northeastern PA Women Exhibit Body Positivity

    Being a woman can be rough. The media tells us how we should look, feel, and act. It affects women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It has such a negative impact on how we deal with every day life. How we think about ourselves. Simply Lush Portrait Boutique was founded to help women recognize their true beauty and confidence. To help women understand, they are gorgeous NO MATTER WHAT.

    A few months into the business, Build Me Up Beautiful was created. It started as a private Facebook group. It’s a friendly community of women who are there to help build one another up instead of tearing them down. Sharing photos, advice, stories, inspiration, and other resources that will serve to educate, entertain, encourage, and empower women. Now, with over 200 members in the group – monthly gatherings are hosted. Generally, about 10-15 women show up each month to hang out, take a break from life, and inspire one another or share how they’ve been feeling recently.

    A couple of months ago, there was a body positivity project shared in the private group. Everyone went nuts! The original post began to go viral and received a lot of positive attention. We decided we wanted to spread the word of self-love in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We reached out to the original poster (JW Photography) for permission, of course. They were so happy we were so inspired and loved that we wanted to do something similar.

    Working for Simply Lush Portrait Boutique and seeing how women feel about themselves every day – how I have felt about myself in the past – this project really spoke to me. With the body positivity movement becoming more popular – we wanted to contribute as much as we can. We are hoping for part two in early Spring!

    We also raised over $100 to donate to our local Women’s Resource Center!

    Thank you so much to these women who braved their insecurities and allowed me to capture these raw/intimate moments to share to the world. Nothing is photoshopped except minor manipulations to the signs being held so they are easier to read.

    Help us spread body positivity!

    Body shaming must end; no one is perfect.

  • A Sexy Gift is the Best Gift

    If you’d like to treat that special someone to a fabulous boudoir experience for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversaries or just because, now you can! We have beautiful gift cards available for all of our time based sessions and may be used towards products that come with a sweet red wine called Mia Labruscana from Maiolatesi Wine Cellars and chocolate in a crafted box that comes bound with ribbon. We have also had a lot of ladies buy this gift a a bridal shower gift for a bride who is coming in for a scheduled boudoir photo shoot at our studio or who just wants to come in for a boudoir photography photo shoot!

  • Boudoir + Cosplay

    Who says boudoir is lingerie only and needs to be serious? This beautiful woman decided to bring along some FUN props including game controllers and a STORM TROOPER helmet! These sessions are built to help you see your true beauty and confidence but they should also reflect your personality… and that’s just what we did during her boudoir experience. Boudoir + Cosplay.

  • Beautiful Bridal Boudoir

    Weddings are a perfect reason for having a boudoir session if you need a little push or excuse to give yourself to feel beautiful and pampered. Say hello to this gorgeous bride in this beautiful bridal boudoir blog today!

    Let’s get to know her a little bit. “I am a little shy, I can probably count the number of people who’ve seen me undressed on 1 hand (that’s including my mother, haha) but I like to laugh which helps me loosen up.” THIS made me laugh, only because most women that walk through my studio doors are in the SAME BOAT.