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Maternity Boudoir

These aren’t exactly the images that come to mind when you think of pregnancy, are they?

So how do these moms feel when it comes time to bare just about all? I’ll admit there are usually some initial nerves, but says those tend to disappear once the women have their hair and makeup done and see their transformation from baby-maker to bombshell.

Pregnancy is really rough and women can feel poorly about themselves during this time. A boudoir maternity session is a wonderful opportunity for them to feel uplifted, strong, and beautiful. Those positive feelings don’t just last one day, but last long past their shoot and long past their pregnancy.

A recent customer testimonial says that her sexy shoot was a “turning point” in how she felt about her pregnancy curves.


“As nervous as I was it was an amazing and perfect experience! I felt completely comfortable with you. Obviously watching my body change this much has been a bit hard after working to finally be at a healthy weight. But I look absolutely amazing.”

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scranton boudoir dudoir photography

Introducing Scranton Dudoir

Guys can have fun too, right?

As a boudoir photographer I photograph women all the time but this was a first for me. I am obsessed over this shoot because as nervous as I was I realized self love is NOT gender specific – even if it’s just for fun.

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scranton boudoir dudoir photography

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Brides, are you considering a gift for your groom?

Boudoir is the perfect groom’s gift!

Boudoir photography was introduced as the “sexiest gift for the groom” not too long ago and the new trend really took off rapidly as more and more grooms received these gifts and were left speechless. As a photographer that was a part of this new movement, it was very fun to see momentum and words spreading as groomsmen watched the grooms’s eyes widen with amazement as they saw him open his secret album just minutes before seeing his bride walking down the aisle toward him.

A must-have item. Boudoir was once considered too risqué or taboo and it has now converted into what I love it to be… a private celebration of the beauty and confidence of intimacy within a couple. And not just for the couple as a unit, individually for the bride herself as well.

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Every woman deserves a boudoir session!

I believe every woman should be able to celebrate their true beauty and confidence. This is literally what I live for. It’s why I am a photographer. It’s my dream to spread this opportunity!

When you come to me and get down to your skivvies and I photograph you, it’s part of the process of rediscovering yourself. I offer a safe and wonderful place that allows you to express your unique beauty without any judgements. It is an experience that I have seen be life changing over and over again.

It offers you self confidence, freedom, and a retraining of your brain that you can do something daring and good things come of it. I hear from women over and over that they want to do this, they NEED this – but something is stopping them.

Well now, I am taking away at least one large excuse.


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Miss “A”

Amanda had a beautiful maternity boudoir session to gift for herself. Miss A likes to do a lot of stuff for fun including going to the spa, shopping, reading, and spending time with family.

How did you feel before your session?
“I was a little nervous in general, just because I was going to be half dressed in front of someone whom I just met recently and felt every ounce of pregnancy.”

How did you feel after your session?
“I was amazed at how quickly time flew by and once we started everything just flowed and I totally forgot that I wasn’t wearing pants. Here I was, super pregnant, the heaviest I’ve ever weighed in my life, and I was comfortable.”

Here are some stunning photos celebrating the life of two beautiful souls <3

scranton boudoir maternity photographer

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How do I prepare for my boudoir shoot?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help prepare you for your big day! Not your wedding, not your birthday… your OWN day – your boudoir session – the day you’ve been excited about since you’ve heard of boudoir photography (aka the first time you saw Kourtney Kardashian’s maternity boudoir photos. The girl rocked it).

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DIY Tufted Headboard


What you’ll need:

  • Recycled headboard OR wood and pegboard measured to your bed (we did a full size bed – 60″ high (42″ for the headboard and 18″ for the legs) and 54″ wide)
  • Scissors
  • Screws
  • Washers
  • Long threading needle
  • Thick thread
  • Wood glue
  • Staple Gun
  • Buttons
  • Foam (we used a twin-sized bed egg crate foam, cut to fit)
  • Fabric – must be 8-10 inches longer on each side (we used a full-sized bed sheet) 
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scranton boudoir photographer

Woman of the Month: Miss D

My name is Danielle. I am 30 years young. I’m a graphic artist and an account manager at a NAPA auto parts store.

I enjoy working on anything with an engine. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, you name it. I like getting my hands dirty and learning hands on. During the summer, car shows are my thing! Winter time you can find me in the garage tinkering away on the next big project.

scranton boudoir photographer

I am engaged to the love of my life, Steve. We have been together for almost 13 years now, and engaged since 2008. When people ask me if I ever want to get married — yes, I do. But over the years we’ve been busy building our life together, happy just being with one another. We live AND work together, side by side, every day. We spend just about 24 hours a day together. In the end, a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper and we both know neither one of us is going anywhere (lol).

I am also mommy to a 12 year old fur baby, Porsche, my Poodle. She is definitely my child, and she’s been with me since she was born. Her birth mother kicked her away when she was born (as the runt of the litter) and wouldn’t let her feed or keep her warm 🙁 I couldn’t figure out how to keep this little puppy warm, until I thought of putting on a sports bra and tucking this little pup in between my breasts. It worked, keeping her warm. I would feed her every hour with a special tiny bottle full of formula for growing pups.

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What do I wear during a boudoir session?

How to find the perfect piece of lingerie for you….

Lingerie designers make high quality lingerie for women of every size and body type. From plus sized lingerie to petite lingerie, there is a brand and a cut just for you. You’ll discover the best styles for your own body simply by being a little more self-aware.


Identifying Your Body Type

OK here’s the moment of truth… with as little clothing on as possible, take a look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Now, do as your mother told you and stand up straight.

This is not a time for you to be critical, but rather to look at your own anatomical geometry. Yes, I used the word “geometry”. It’s a series of measurements and angles that create a mere shape. Not the WRONG SHAPE, simply “A SHAPE”.

A better way to think of this is that you are a sculpture, and regardless of what shape it is, you’re an intentional work of it. So, enjoy the exhibit in front of you.


No matter what your weight is, a woman’s geometry will be classified as either:

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