• How to Create Self-Acceptance Out of Your Insecurities

    Do you ever sit in front of the mirror and just lament? You feel out of it mentally, emotionally, and physically? Your clothes don’t fit the way you want them to, your hair never lays right, and it feels as though everything is working against you. Well, you’re in luck today! There is a way to find self-acceptance through your insecurities. Now, this might sound counter-intuitive, but facing these insecurities head-on can absolutely empower you! Sound a little scary? It is, but YOU are worth it. Our friend Eve felt much like you did right now, and she has some advice for you.

  • Can a New Engagement Help Overcome A Fear Of Boudoir?

    You’re scrolling through social media, and you see an ad for a boudoir photographer. You pause, remembering you had considered doing this a few months ago. “I can’t do this,” you say to yourself. “I’m too nervous to ever go through with booking a session.” Trust me when I say, we have all been there. Could a new engagement give the extra push you need to go for it? It might sound silly, but SO MANY women finally “take the leap” once wedding bells are ringing. Our latest client, Emily, went through this herself.

  • Had Cosmetic Surgery? Here is the Best Way to Show it Off!

    Recently underwent cosmetic surgery? Have a new set of pouty lips? A new nose? Or maybe the “girls” got an overhaul? Why not highlight them! You spent a lot of time (and obviously money) to empower yourself with a fresh look – it’s time to celebrate! We totally think you should, and our friend Anjannette agrees.

  • How to Rediscover Your Worth After a Toxic Relationship

    A toxic relationship can really hinder your ability to see your self-worth. Sometimes, you even begin to believe the negative thoughts and emotions they bestow upon you. However, we are here to let you in on a (not-so-secret) secret: It’s all a lie! You are worth love, dedication, and admiration. Don’t believe us? We can prove it to you!

  • Can Neon Lighting Really Redefine Your Confidence?

    Imagine yourself underneath the spotlight; All of your assets are highlighted from every angle. A camera flashes while you strut about in your most stunning lingerie – you are a star! No, you’re not walking the red carpet. You’re at the Simply Lush studio experiencing our neon lighting scene!

  • How to Heal Your Body and Mind After a Miscarriage

    ** Trigger warning: healing after miscarriage and personal loss.**

    Women’s bodies amaze me – not just in their composition but in their ability to accomplish unbelievable feats. Feats that are entirely foreign to half of the population, even though women are responsible for their very existence. Think about that for a second; our bodies ensure the continuation of the human race. We are capable of growing a new life within us. It’s everyday magic, honestly.

  • Make Your Boudoir Shoot All About the Glamour

    Let’s be honest – the last six months have been hard on all of us. We’re feeling rundown, uninterested, and just, well… “blah.” You’re not alone there, I promise. So, it’s about time to give yourself the gift of glamour! “How?”, you wonder. EASY! All you need to do is book a Simply Lush Experience, and we will take care of the rest. Seriously, it’s that simple.

  • How to Rekindle the Spark in Your Desire

    Have things between you and your partner hit a dry spell? Maybe the passion doesn’t seem to be what it once was? Rekindle the spark in your sex life with a couples boudoir session! Yup, you heard me correctly, a couples session!

  • Why You Should be a “Repeat Offender”

    Curious why it seems we show many of the same women on our social media pages? It’s because we do! MOST of our clients fall under the “repeat offender” umbrella (don’t worry only in the sense of harnessing their sexual beauty). We often discuss boudoir as a “once in a lifetime experience,” but truthfully, it is so much more than that.

  • The Importance of Male Boudoir: A Behind the Scenes Look

    When it comes to boudoir, my forte has been women. Not that I objected to the idea of male boudoir, I had just only worked with women. Why only women? No specific reason other than it was what I felt comfortable doing. Helping women step into their value, shed their insecurities, and stand in their power.