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Body Positivity

The term body positivity encompasses such a myriad of meanings that it can be a challenge to understand it, let alone practice it.

One thing is true no matter what:

Body positivity starts at home, whether that’s inside yourself or in your community.

For Simply Lush, that home is Scranton, Pennsylvania.

It’s true that we’re the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area’s only boudoir specialist. But, our mission of empowerment spans the country. In fact, we’ve helped women reconnect with their authentic beauty all the way from Mulberry Street to the Vegas Strip!

That said, we’re blessed to work so intimately with women from all walks of life. We are beyond grateful for every woman who allows herself to be transformed by our custom boudoir experiences.

And we’re BIG fans of paying it forward.

In August 2016, we organized a regional version of the Body Positivity Project. This photo series featured local women of all shapes and sizes, unaltered and unedited, to promote self-love in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Following this, in August 2017 we joined forces with Stephanie Santore, founder of The NOMAD Project, to create “Break the Silence,” a powerful art show exposing and confronting sexual abuse. Held during Downtown Scranton’s First Friday Art Walk, this exhibit combined stunning photographs with shocking personal stories of sexual abuse survivors.

Both the regional Body Positivity Project and “Break the Silence” raised hundreds of dollars for the Women’s Resource Center.

Also in August 2017, Simply Lush’s founder, photographer, and fearless leader, Ashley, was named Northeast Woman by The Times-Tribune, and just this past May partnered with The Albright Memorial Library for their annual fundraiser Swingin’ on Vine.

All in all, I could go on and on about how Simply Lush’s boudoir experiences reunite women with their intrinsic value, but oftentimes the most inspiring, heartwarming feedback comes from the models themselves.

Here’s what one of our Dolls said about her boudoir journey:

“I was pretty nervous before our session. I had never done anything like this before! We all have our issues with our bodies, but I never thought I’d be comfortable enough with myself to go out there and even let just a photographer see me in this kind of light. Ashley made the entire experience super fun! She was very laid back and made me very comfortable. After the session I felt more beautiful than I could have imagined. 

It was magical. 

Not only did I have so much fun at the shoot, Ashley made me feel beautiful. She is truly amazing. I wish every woman would be able to have this experience. Just a chance to feel more beautiful and sexy than you could ever imagine. You feel like all the models you see in ads or on the runway!”


Body PositivityBody PositivityBody PositivityBody PositivityBody PositivityBody PositivityBody Positivity

Professional hair and makeup done by Maria Bonacuse-Martin.

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