Boudoir Obscura

Lesser-Known Boudoir Facts

When considering a boudoir experience, you need ALL the boudoir facts—

especially the ones no one really talks about.

No worries, foxy lady. We got you covered.

First, let’s just be real here. Stripping down to your skivvies and posing seductively for the camera is some people’s idea of a living nightmare.

However, for others, it holds a powerful allure.

No matter which camp you’re from, one thing is undeniable:

Boudoir portraiture is intriguing, captivating, and on the rise.

So, the sexy scientists at Simply Lush did the research, analyzed the data, and compiled the following list of what to expect when you decide to rock a boudoir session…

boudoir facts

You Don’t Need a Ton of Confidence

We estimate that about 90 percent of women are uncomfortable in the beginning. A certain reluctance to bare your skin and have it permanently captured on film is natural.

And we get it. Unless you’re a lingerie model who does this for a living, it’s probably out of your comfort zone.

But, as the session progresses, most women become comfortable and start to relax in front of the camera. In fact, many of them actually request implied nudity in their session because they get so comfortable!

You Don’t Need a Special Occasion

Boudoir photography seems to be particularly popular among brides who want to give their fiancé a little eye candy. But, it’s also gaining momentum with women at all stages in their lives.


Because boudoir is a wonderful way to re-envision yourself. And this holds true whether you’re in a moment of transition, honoring your journey as a woman, marking a milestone, or simply in the mood for something new.

You don’t need a special occasion, and you don’t have to be doing it for someone else.

YOU are the reason.

boudoir facts

Trust Your Photographer

If you’re not a model, you’re not going to know how to pose. It’s cool, we don’t expect you to know how to position your body or what facial expressions to make. In fact, that’s Ashley’s job as your photographer and boudoir specialist. She’ll coach you through each and every pose and expression to capture your most irresistible curves and angles.

Not sure what to wear? We offer wardrobe assistance and exclusive access to our Client Closet. Plus, Ashley does not eff around—she’ll tell you straight-up what works and what doesn’t, both for your body and on camera.

And you don’t even need to know anything about makeup, either! Our professional hair and makeup artist vibes with your style, illuminates your natural beauty, and gets you camera-ready.

Mental Prep Is Crucial

Since a boudoir experience is all about you, it’s vital you treat it as the self-care practice it truly is. Relax. Get a lot of sleep. Drink a lot of water. Take a bubble bath. Go for a long walk. Let the stress drain away.

See, psychological preparation is a big factor in your boudoir journey. Your mood and level of self-acceptance when entering the studio will greatly impact your session. To get your head in the right place, we recommend looking at yourself nude in the mirror every day at least for a week. Notice what you love and what you’re still working to love. Then on the day of your shoot, tell Ashley about those areas of pride and insecurity.

Acceptance puts you in a great mindset to come into the studio and OWN it.

boudoir facts

Have Fun With the Finished Product

These are not the type of photos you have taken only to hide them away forever. These are fine art portraits and keepsakes, each one commemorating the work of living art YOU are. Make an album of your favorites, print a steamy collection of black-and-whites, or blow up one gorgeous shot to hang in your bedroom, personal bath, or wherever else you feel like celebrating your badass self!

Whatever you decide to do with your images, it’s an incredibly empowering experience to see yourself in such a different way. To reconnect with your authentic beauty.