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Boudoir FAQ

The basics of boudoir start with boudoir FAQ, and at Simply Lush we’re an open book!

After careful research, testing, and analysis, the sexy scientists of The Simply Lush Brain Trust put together a Boudoir FAQ that’s sure to satisfy.

Read on to discover why boudoir is for every woman…

Q: Why should I do a boudoir session?

A: Why wouldn’t you?! But seriously, boudoir makes an incredible gift for yourself or someone else. Truly, Simply Lush Dolls do sessions for all sorts of reasons, including:

*Special occasions & celebrations

*Major life changes & milestones

*Weddings & anniversaries

*Self-confidence & empowerment

Q: What if I have no modeling experience?

A: No modeling experience is necessary! That’s because our photographer Ashley is the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area’s only boudoir specialist and an excellent coach. She poses you from your fingertips to your toes, flattering all your angles and curves and ensuring stunning photographs.

Q: What is a complimentary planning session and why are you always suggesting I book one?

A: Because our complimentary planning sessions are where your Simply Lush journey begins! In fact, these 30-minute visits are free of charge and give you an opportunity to see what we’re all about. Specifically, you’ll get to meet Ashley and her team, tour our bad-ass studio, and discuss details like pricing, packages, and how to prep for your session.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Anything that makes you feel sexy, sensual, or just plain powerful. Boudoir isn’t about what you wear (or don’t!), it’s about embracing your fierce essence as a woman. Because of this, you can do a boudoir shoot in lingerie, a dress, button-up, or your birthday suit! And, we offer dedicated wardrobe assistance and access to our robust Client Closet.

Q: What hair & makeup services does Simply Lush offer? 

A: Oh gurl, get ready to be pampered. Our professional hair and makeup artist Maria is a veteran of the beauty industry who provides on-location styling for all our Simply Lush Dolls. As a matter of fact, her glamorous services include dry hair-styling, full make-up, and lashes!

Q: I heard boudoir sessions are expensive. How would I even afford it?

A: Since Simply Lush provides customized and empowering experiences that start with expert beauty and photography services and end with high-quality art, the value of our sessions goes deeper than dollar amounts. We’re on a mission to help women of all ages, shapes, and sizes rediscover their true beauty and confidence. As a result, we’ve adjusted our boudoir cost to increase savings. And, our interest-free payment plans are flexible and work around your budget and schedule.

Q: What if I don’t like my pictures?

A: We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the finished product. However, if for any reason you are unsatisfied you may opt out of purchasing your photos.

Q: Will my photos be used on your website?

A: Not unless you choose to sign a model release form. We pride ourselves on privacy, discretion, and confidentiality and will not use your photos on our website, social media platforms, or any other promotional materials without your written consent.


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