Can Neon Lighting Really Redefine Your Confidence?

Imagine yourself underneath the spotlight; All of your assets are highlighted from every angle. A camera flashes while you strut about in your most stunning lingerie – you are a star! No, you’re not walking the red carpet. You’re at the Simply Lush studio experiencing our neon lighting scene!

We’ve all wondered what fame would be like at some point in our lives, right? Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore. Neon lighting can give you the feeling of stardom without the intrusiveness of the public eye (because really, who wants that)? Our client Ashley recalls seeing these photos on social media,

“I kept seeing posts for all of the neon lighting photos. They were so beautiful and fun I needed to try them out for myself.”

Following this revelation, she reached out to us to book her own experience. She stated, “As a past client there’s no other photographer I’d rather work with for boudoir photos of any kind. I had been feeling self-conscious lately, and putting myself under the spotlight was something I needed desperately.

Without a doubt, my biggest fear going into my session was my photos! I was so worried that my body wasn’t going to look “right,” or I was going to show all of the insecure parts of myself. However, all of my pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL because of Ashley’s knowledge and professionalism.

Finally, doing a neon session made me feel so sexy and confident.

Throughout the shoot, Ashley was supportive and encouraging, making me feel on top of the world! Honestly, it helped me accept myself more, as I’m in a constant struggle with my body image. Not only that, but Ashley’s coaching is unbeatable. She makes you feel comfortable when you might not feel that way. She really hypes you up to be the best version of yourself.”

We asked Ashley if she believed her neon lighting session was responsible for her renewed confidence.

She responded, “Absolutely! If you are on the fence yourself, I implore you to take the plunge and do it! Do this for yourself because you’re worth it. It’s not just a photo shoot, it’s an experience. This will completely change the way you view yourself – for the better.”

Now it’s your turn to redefine your confidence by clicking the button below!