Can Weight Gain Actually Make You Feel Sexier?

That seems crazy, right? Every day we are bombarded by media that is constantly encouraging us to shed pounds, but are they wrong? What if, instead of insecurity, weight gain gave you an air of confidence and self-love? I’m here to tell you – it can! I bet your curious as to how that’s possible, but I guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out (wink wink).

“I had done a shoot three years ago, but this time around there was significant weight gain, ” Elizabeth admitted.

” Booking another shoot was a decision I made as a way to see how far my confidence has come. It has been a long working progress. I was a little nervous that the extra weight would be difficult for me to love but ended up feeling more confident – more beautiful. Maybe that seems odd, but honestly, Ashley does such a wonderful job of making you feel comfortable in your skin. It’s almost impossible to be in front of her camera and not feel like a goddess.

After my session, I felt confident, strong, and most importantly, like myself.

It’s strange to say in some respects that I felt comfortable in a state where I was most vulnerable, but it’s true. You get a sense of coming into your own, and you know you’re not being judged for it. I know for me personally, I had been judging myself for my weight gain, but Ashley was nothing short of a cheerleader the entire time. It makes it difficult to put yourself down when someone else is consistently bringing you up.

If you’re looking to expand outside your comfort zone AND have fun – this is it.

I recommend this experience to all of my close friends pretty much just saying they needed to try it for themselves. There are no amount of words I can say to accurately do the entire experience justice. The feeling of walking in and seeing all my photos for the first time? Wow. I can’t explain that feeling to anybody, but it absolutely something everyone should have the opportunity to feel. From nervousness to confidence with extra weight in a world where we are constantly told to look a certain way? It’s the best thing I did for myself.”

If you have gained a few extra pounds (maybe even the quarantine 19 like I did), and are feeling lack-luster, let me help! Together we can give you a renewed sense of confidence and appreciation for your body. Click the link below to get started, today!