• Lace + Flowers Boudoir

    Lace + Flowers Boudoir

    I have so much passion for boudoir photography. I pour my heart and soul into each women’s experience. I tailor each session to each individuals wants/needs to help capture their personality. I was so happy when this gorgeous woman walked into the studio the day of her session holding flowers. Her outfits had a delicate lace theme which went perfectly with the flowers.

  • A Sexy Gift is the Best Gift

    If you’d like to treat that special someone to a fabulous boudoir experience for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversaries or just because, now you can! We have beautiful gift cards available for all of our time based sessions and may be used towards products that come with a sweet red wine called Mia Labruscana from Maiolatesi Wine Cellars and chocolate in a crafted box that comes bound with ribbon. We have also had a lot of ladies buy this gift a a bridal shower gift for a bride who is coming in for a scheduled boudoir photo shoot at our studio or who just wants to come in for a boudoir photography photo shoot!

  • Beautiful Bridal Boudoir

    Weddings are a perfect reason for having a boudoir session if you need a little push or excuse to give yourself to feel beautiful and pampered. Say hello to this gorgeous bride in this beautiful bridal boudoir blog today!

    Let’s get to know her a little bit. “I am a little shy, I can probably count the number of people who’ve seen me undressed on 1 hand (that’s including my mother, haha) but I like to laugh which helps me loosen up.” THIS made me laugh, only because most women that walk through my studio doors are in the SAME BOAT.

  • Scranton Pennsylvania Boudoir

    Having a studio in an amazing historical building smack-dab in the city for Scranton Pennsylvania boudoir has given me so many amazing opportunities to meet amazing women, such as my client below. She came in wanting a boudoir session done as a wedding gift for her fiancé. Her wedding was the same day as mine, September 3rd. We were already made to work together solely based on that common date between us! Let her tell you about her experience.

  • Brides, are you considering a gift for your groom?

    Boudoir is the perfect groom’s gift!

    Boudoir photography was introduced as the “sexiest gift for the groom” not too long ago and the new trend really took off rapidly as more and more grooms received these gifts and were left speechless. As a photographer that was a part of this new movement, it was very fun to see momentum and words spreading as groomsmen watched the grooms’s eyes widen with amazement as they saw him open his secret album just minutes before seeing his bride walking down the aisle toward him.

    A must-have item. Boudoir was once considered too risqué or taboo and it has now converted into what I love it to be… a private celebration of the beauty and confidence of intimacy within a couple. And not just for the couple as a unit, individually for the bride herself as well.