• Maternity Boudoir

    These aren’t exactly the images that come to mind when you think of pregnancy, are they?

    So how do these moms feel when it comes time to bare just about all? I’ll admit there are usually some initial nerves, but says those tend to disappear once the women have their hair and makeup done and see their transformation from baby-maker to bombshell.

    Pregnancy is really rough and women can feel poorly about themselves during this time. A boudoir maternity session is a wonderful opportunity for them to feel uplifted, strong, and beautiful. Those positive feelings don’t just last one day, but last long past their shoot and long past their pregnancy.

    A recent customer testimonial says that her sexy shoot was a “turning point” in how she felt about her pregnancy curves.


    “As nervous as I was it was an amazing and perfect experience! I felt completely comfortable with you. Obviously watching my body change this much has been a bit hard after working to finally be at a healthy weight. But I look absolutely amazing.”

  • Miss “A”

    Amanda had a beautiful maternity boudoir session to gift for herself. Miss A likes to do a lot of stuff for fun including going to the spa, shopping, reading, and spending time with family.

    How did you feel before your session?
    “I was a little nervous in general, just because I was going to be half dressed in front of someone whom I just met recently and felt every ounce of pregnancy.”

    How did you feel after your session?
    “I was amazed at how quickly time flew by and once we started everything just flowed and I totally forgot that I wasn’t wearing pants. Here I was, super pregnant, the heaviest I’ve ever weighed in my life, and I was comfortable.”

    Here are some stunning photos celebrating the life of two beautiful souls <3

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