Celebrate Your Sexy in a New Way this Year

The Best Gift is the One You Give Yourself

While boudoir has been used in the past primarily as gifts for loved ones, we have begun to see an increase in women doing sessions as gifts to themselves. Hell, freakin’ ya! Our girl Courtney decided to jump on this idea to celebrate her birthday with the ultimate gift – a boudoir session with Simply Lush!

Struggling with the idea of turning the big 3-0, Courtney wanted to celebrate her personal journey. ” After hearing such amazing things about Simply Lush and having seen the beautiful photos, I was eager to experience it myself. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone when it came to nudity.


It was important for me to celebrate my body.

As an almost 30-year-old (at the time), I wanted to see my body in a different perspective. To honor my journey and really love my body in a time when I was struggling with those concepts.” Courtney continues on to explain how her experience exceeded her expectations.

“The experience was so powerful for me.

Before my session began, I felt awkward and hesitant concerning what I was about to do. I felt critical of myself and the way I looked. However, the experience shifted my perception of myself completely. Afterward, I felt sexy and confident as I am.”

You, too, can have a powerful experience like Courtney. Schedule a session this year for your birthday, your favorite holiday, or really just because you can. Don’t let another year slip by without celebrating YOU (and if that means covering yourself in cake we think you should)!


Now it’s your turn to be celebrated! Click the button below to take the first steps towards embracing your sexuality.