Close Up

Close Up + Personal

Ready for your boudoir close up?

At Simply Lush, we always say your boudoir experience is all about you, so guess what?

This week’s blog is all about you.

Forget about our photographer and boudoir specialist Ashley. Forget about our expert hair and makeup artist Maria.

I just have one question for you:

Are you ready to celebrate yourself for exactly who you are with a powerful boudoir session?

You don’t need to lose a few pounds. You’re not too busy. And there is definitely no better time than right now.

Because right now, you’re perfect. Just as you are.

Every day you have to be all things to all people, whether that’s at home, at work, or any other world you walk.

And, gurl, you are a BOSS BABE.

You deserve to be pampered like the queen you truly are!

It’s not selfish or self-centered to do a boudoir shoot. If anything, it’s bold to enjoy such a life-enhancing experience.

Our mission is to embrace your inner-goddess—your essence as a woman—before, during, and after your session.

That’s right…

Your Simply Lush boudoir experience will empower you for years to come!

Every time you see your sultry photographs and other sexy boudoir keepsakes, you’ll be reminded of that time you dared to do it for your-own-damn-self. That time you put yourself first and celebrated how amazing you are.

Don’t believe me?

Then take a look at Meghan’s elegant and alluring portraits.

Meghan decided to honor her radiant essence with an unforgettable boudoir experience.

Now she has ultra-gorgeous images and special memories to treasure for a lifetime.


Rediscover your true beauty and confidence at Simply Lush!

Close Up Close Up Close Up Close Up Close Up Close Up Close Up Close Up

Professional hair and makeup done by Maria Bonacuse-Martin.

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