Did One Photographer Really Unlock the Fountain of Youth?

That’s a crazy concept, right? The “fountain of youth”? What if I told you that it’s real, but misunderstood? It’s not some special water you drink or pill you take, but the mindset you carry. It may sound like a strange concept, but I can prove it’s true. I witness this phenomenon occur through the lens of my camera frequently. Women of all ages feeling (and looking) younger during their photoshoot.

Not only do these women feel younger, but they also immortalize themselves in their photographs.

In their 80s, 90s, maybe even 100s, they can look back on these photos and relive their empowering experiences all over again. It will serve as a permanent reminder of just how strong, beautiful, and confident they have been throughout their life. Nicole had this experience during her recent boudoir session at Simply Lush. She recounted, “I had seen other women get photos done and I really wanted to do this for myself. I am going to be 50 so I thought – now’s a good time!

I felt younger than my age as if I had drunk directly from the fountain of youth.

Truthfully, I entered the studio in a state of nervousness and confusion – what am I doing?! I had some extra weight that I was NOT feeling (you know how that goes), and I was afraid it would make my pictures look bad. However, a few shots in, Ashley showed me an image of myself from the back of her camera. I was floored. She had been reassuring me while taking the photos that I looked amazing, but I didn’t believe her until she showed me. I think I even asked if it was me (haha). From that moment on, the confidence continued to grow throughout the duration of my session. Honestly, I felt relieved. I really thought there was no way I’d look as beautiful as some of the other women had, but here I was looking like a damn model!

If you’re looking to find your inner goddess, this is the way.

Truly, who would have thought at 50 I’d feel this young and empowered? But, I really did. The only thing I would have done differently is I would have done this sooner. Fear and self-doubt got in my way, but I can confidently say this was the best thing I did for myself. Ashley has a unique creative vision that allows her to show beauty to her clients that they never knew existed.”

Want to look and feel your best this year? Maybe even… dare I say, younger? Check out the link below to make those dreams a reality!