Do You Need to Be a Professional Model for Boudoir?

You’ve seen all the social media photos of beautiful women posing in front of the camera. They look so natural in those photographs, you think to yourself. Women who are naturally beautiful and photogenic. They HAVE to be models, right? WRONG! Everyday women just like you (and me) have boudoir sessions. No professional model needed!

Now, I know it can sometimes seem unlikely that the woman next door is the one investing in a boudoir experience.

Believe me, though, she is. In fact, women from all walks of life seek out the confidence and empowerment that boudoir instills. Lindsey is one of these very women who finally decided to take the leap into her own session. When we asked her about her experience, she had this to say, “I always wanted to have a boudoir shoot. So, I lost 30 pounds and because I felt more myself with all the weight gone I thought – hell I’m doing a boudoir for me. I also figured while I’m at it why not make it a Christmas gift for my husband.

I never thought of myself as sexy, and had previously thought that was something reserved for a professional model.

However, I am sexy in these photos. I still can’t stop looking at the pictures like I’m in disbelief that it is me. I absolutely love them. If I’m being truthful though, I was terrified beforehand. I kept thinking, will I feel safe with a stranger wearing hardly any clothing. Spoiler alert: I did! Everyone was so helpful and welcoming – from the sign with my name on it to helping me decide on which outfits to wear. Then there was the pampering! I felt like a new woman. Being a hairdresser, I never get the chance to have someone else do my hair + makeup. So having it taken care of really made me feel like a million bucks.

I’ve been showing my pictures to everyone.

I was never the type of person to show off my body, but with these pictures, I couldn’t help myself. I find myself showing them to anyone who wants to see them, including my hair and nail clients. The best advice I could give to anyone considering (or even those of you who haven’t really considered it, yet) is to go for it. You need to do this for yourself. It doesn’t matter what size you are or whatever other roadblocks you’ve thrown in your own way. The staff is exceptional. You won’t regret a single second of your experience!”

Now it’s your turn to embrace your body and unleash your inner supermodel! Find out all the juicy details and what Simply Lush has to offer through the link below.