Move Over, Mona Lisa

Fine Art

Fine art is a key element of your Simply Lush experience.

In fact, your boudoir portraits are a celebration of the fact that YOU are a living, breathing work of art.

As a woman, your essence, abilities, compassion, and power are immeasurable.

So why do women often feel dismissed, unseen, and unworthy?

The crushing pressure to fit into our society’s unrealistic and narrow beauty standards results in the unique madness of a catch-22:

If you DO NOT fit, you may be marginalized, objectified, and ostracized. If you DO fit, you may be marginalized, objectified, and ostracized.

And all those voices telling you that you’re too much or not enough are just noise. It’s not real, and it distracts from your true beauty and inherent worth.

Because YOU are a work of living art, classic and diviiine.

You are a breathtaking vessel, carrying your wild heart, shining mind, and infinite spirit…

At Simply Lush, we see you—the real, unchanging, raw, and badass ESSENCE of who you are as a woman.

It’s time to celebrate your journey and reconnect with your authentic self.

And once you see yourself, your gorgeous curves and enticing angles, represented as fine art, you’ll see what a GODDESS you truly are.

If you’re ready to step into your value and stand in your power, then, girl, you better believe we’re ready for you.

Because you are perfect, right now.

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Professional hair and makeup done by Maria Bonacuse-Martin.