Garters + Teddies + Bras, Oh, My!

What makes YOU say, “Oh, my”?

Confession: I’m pretty much useless when it comes to dressing myself—

I wear a lot of black because I missed the color-coordination train, and I put my underwear on backwards waaay more than is acceptable for someone over the age of six.

Truly, anytime I’ve even come close to fashionista status was because somebody else styled me.

But, when it comes to boudoir fashion, most women feel more lost than the left socks that mysteriously disappear in the dryer.

I mean, you already know you’re ready to embrace an empowering boudoir experience, but…

What will you wear?

Garters or thigh-highs? Teddies or corsets? Bras or bare skin?

Considering these are only a handful of choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

The ladies of Simply Lush get it.

We know it feels nearly impossible to decide which outfits, let alone which pieces to wear for a boudoir session.

That’s why we always say,

“Come as you are, we’ll take care of the rest!”

Many women arrive for their complimentary consultation nervous and unsure of what look they want for their session.

However, within minutes their anxieties are soothed.


Because Simply Lush offers wardrobe assistance and a Client Closet.

That’s right—

We are here to help you every step of the way when it comes to picking the hottest outfits to ROCK your boudoir shoot!

Not only do we have amazing fashion resources on our website, we also equip you with our Dream Shoot Planner, a handy how-to for sexxxy clothing, places to shop, session preparation, and more! Plus, you have full access to our scandalous Client Closet, filled with lingerie and naughty accessories to use during your session.

Even better?

We’re only a call or click away, and we encourage all our Simply Lush dolls to bug the hell out of us with any clothing questions!

Our number one goal is to indulge you in a boudoir experience that’s all about you:

Full hair and makeup with our professional skin-care and beauty expert, Maria.

A glamorous photo shoot with the area’s only boudoir specialist, Ashley.

Your unique brand of femininity captured and commemorated in ultra-stunning boudoir portraits.

In fact, this week Megan made us say, “Oh, my!”

She styled it out like a boss for her session, and the results were insanely sexy!

Now she has breathtaking boudoir portraits and special memories she’ll enjoy for years to come.


Rediscover your true beauty and confidence at Simply Lush!

Oh my

Oh myOh myOh myOh myOh myOh myOh myOh my

Professional hair and makeup done by Maria Bonacuse-Martin.

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