Bootylicious Boudoir grateful

Grateful + Gorgeous

What are YOU grateful for? 

My gratitude list grew longer this past summer when I became Simply Lush’s resident Blog Babe.

Every week I get to wrap pretty words around pretty women—

It’s pretty cool.

And the picture above is what started it all.

The woman in the photograph is Cara, a registered nurse AND an award-winning professional dancer and dance instructor. From classic ballet to pole dance fitness, if it can be danced, Cara’s your girl.

When I saw this picture of her, I audibly gasped.

Sure, Cara’s a babe, and this photo is super-sexy. But, what’s even more striking is that this image captures her essence as a woman: hypnotic, sultry, and powerful. An inner-fire I’d ever only caught glimpses of in dance class preserved forever on film…

It isn’t just a photo. It’s art.

For a while I wondered about the photographer, but time passed and my mind moved on to other matters.

Fast-forward a couple months, and I’m on an accidental blind double date at Backyard Ale House.

Yeah, you read that right.

Long story short: a close girlfriend needed an emergency third-wheel distraction when her guy brought his buddy on their date!

(SPOILER: It was NOT a love connection for me and Johnny Third-Wheel.)

However, that night I met Ashley, the owner and photographer here at Simply Lush—

AND the artist responsible for Cara’s gorgeous picture!

Ashley and I hit it off, she offered me the blog gig, and the rest is digital history.

But enough about me. Let’s focus on you.

Simply Lush’s mission to reconnect women to their authentic beauty would not be the success it is without all of YOU.

Your willingness to embrace and celebrate your essence as women endlessly inspires us! We’re so grateful for your fierce support and honored to be a part of your incredible journey.

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Professional hair and makeup done by Maria Bonacuse-Martin.

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