Had Cosmetic Surgery? Here is the Best Way to Show it Off!

Recently underwent cosmetic surgery? Have a new set of pouty lips? A new nose? Or maybe the “girls” got an overhaul? Why not highlight them! You spent a lot of time (and obviously money) to empower yourself with a fresh look – it’s time to celebrate! We totally think you should, and our friend Anjannette agrees.

Anjannette is a repeat client at Simply Lush, but this time – she had a new cosmetic surgery reason to come into the studio.

She stated, “I had previously done a few shoots with Ashley in previous years. I wanted one this time around because I had a breast augmentation surgery, and I wanted to show those puppies off. Now, even though I have worked with Ashley before, it didn’t stop me from feeling timid and nervous before my session. I was afraid that my boobs wouldn’t look good, and that my butt would look disappointing in comparison.

Can you guess what actually happened? None of it! Afterward, I felt like both my boobs and my booty looked pretty bomb. So, my fears were unwarranted, as usual. Plus, I had a renewed sense of energy and sexiness that I had not felt prior to my session.

Since my shoots, I’ve slowly started seeing myself as others do.

I still struggle with self-esteem, but I’ve made so many strides, and the boudoir shoots were a huge part of that. I’ve started seeing myself as a sexual being, that is empowered with her sexuality and not just an object for someone else’s desire. As an example, some of my favorite photos from this experience were in front of the window. I felt a little naughty putting all of my nakedness on display, but it was exhilarating. Honestly, I contemplated just never wearing clothes again!

I cannot recommend a Simply Lush experience enough!

Whether you’ve had cosmetic surgery and want to show it off, or because you need a boost of self-confidence – this is absolutely the way to go. Invest in yourself, ladies! You won’t regret it.”

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