How to Heal Your Body and Mind After a Miscarriage

** Trigger warning: healing after miscarriage and personal loss.**

Women’s bodies amaze me – not just in their composition but in their ability to accomplish unbelievable feats. Feats that are entirely foreign to half of the population, even though women are responsible for their very existence. Think about that for a second; our bodies ensure the continuation of the human race. We are capable of growing a new life within us. It’s everyday magic, honestly.

Now, that’s not to say it’s as easy as pointing a magic wand and whispering some particular words (well, I guess you COULD say that’s how it works… sort of). The process of bringing new life into the world is long, arduous, and of course, exciting. And being that it’s how people come to exist, you would think the common experience of loss and healing after miscarriage would be something that is discussed more often in our society.

However, the topic of healing after miscarriage is still often considered very “taboo,” but it is also a very real, very common, and very PAINFUL experience many women go through. 

15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet many women still feel they must deal with their anguish behind closed doors.  Let’s start by saying, you deserve to feel and experience the multitude of emotions you’re going through during such an emotionally and physically draining time.  Next, you are not alone. I have included resources for any women who may be struggling with loss at the bottom of this blog.

Moving on a little bit, I want to start off by thanking Meghan for being open and willing to share her personal experience with us. She is an absolute FORCE to be reckoned with – I can confirm.  Now, Meghan has been in the studio several times.  After her most recent session, she recounted, “I’ve had a friendly relationship with Ashley for years, but I’ve noticed in the past year she always seems to be there in a transitional period of my life.

I experienced a devastating loss in October that left me very angry with my body. Ashley was integral in picking me up. I wouldn’t want to make my peace with anyone else.”

Meghan admitted that she was feeling unsure before this session.  She felt she couldn’t trust in her body, and that left her confidence waning. However, those feelings didn’t last long after stepping into the studio. “During my session, I felt at home and relaxed. On top of everything else, I had put on weight, about 50lbs since my last session.  I was terrified of how it would reflect in Ashley’s art. Ashley found ways to make me feel beautiful and sensual. It was exactly what I needed.

She helped me step back into my body. I’m comfortable in my skin again, and that’s something I’m so grateful for.”

Working through such a gut-wrenching loss can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.  Meghan reassured, “I mean it when I say Ashley was an integral part of me working through my miscarriage and making peace with my body again. I’m so grateful for her. You really should do this. Please do it for you. Invest in yourself.”

It’s time to make peace with your body. Click the link below to start your journey!

Pregnancy loss resources: