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Hot Mommas in the House!

What’s YOUR reason?

Whether you do a Simply Lush boudoir session for your significant other or your 80-year-old self, one thing is for sure:

You’ll celebrate your fierce femininity and reconnect with your inner-goddess!

At Simply Lush, we specialize in capturing the essence of who YOU are as a woman!

Even better?

We capture moments in time, and preserve them forever!

You know the moments—those turning points in our lives that deepen and define us as women.

For Jacki, those moments are motherhood: creating, carrying, and sustaining life.

She came to Simply Lush for a maternity shoot and was so happy with the results, she returned for a breastfeeding shoot!

Both times, she left with empowering boudoir portraits that honor her inner-goddess and commemorate the FIERCE MOMMA she is!

Just read what she had to say about her Simply Lush boudoir sessions:

I’ve now done two shoots with Ashley, my first being a maternity shoot and now the breastfeeding shoot. I feel like I’ve helped open the door to woman seeing the true beauty women possess. Most woman feel awful about how their bodies look during pregnancy and especially postpartum. That’s simply not true. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to see that. And that’s just what Ashley gave me both times! I was at my biggest during both sessions and honestly never felt more gorgeous and more comfortable in my own skin than I did in those moments! I grew a human! I created life! And then I continued to be the sole nutrients that helped that little life thrive and grow through my breast milk! Being a mother has forever changed how I look at myself, and in the most positive way possible. Every stretch mark, extra pound, and roll has given me the most important part of my life, my daughter. If you ever consider doing any type of boudoir photography, DO IT!  Even if you never show anyone, it’s worth the way you feel afterwards.

Reconnect with your inner-goddess at Simply Lush!

hot mommas

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