How a Boudoir Experience Changed this Women’s Life Forever

When Gina reached out to us to book her session, I was completely blown away by her story. Instead of putting it into my own words, I figured I use hers!

” I thought about [booking a boudoir experience with Simply Lush] for a long time. As I get older it is important for me to make some marks that will remind me to smile and enjoy this journey. It is okay to color outside of the lines.

I trusted Ashley [because she] is a very talented photographer and a warm, welcoming person. Ashley shared her knowledge, was extremely professional, and she was courteous every time we corresponded. Ashley’s experience speaks through her talent.

[When I saw my finished artwork, I thought to myself ] every photo is beautiful. Ashley captured much more than I see within myself. She captured parts of my soul I thought were hidden forever.

[I was most please with how] you were patient with me. I was genuinely encouraged to stretch my limits to get the most out of the experience. If felt like I knew you and [your team] for a lifetime. There is such a positive vibe in the studio. You can’t help but relax and enjoy the moment.

I loved every minute of the experience.

[If you are considering doing this but are on the fence, I would say] take a deep breath and just do it. It is an experience like no other. This life is your journey, so live it. Your session is yours and yours only. Yes, it is a photo shoot, but it is so much more. The preparation guidance Ashley walks you through gives you a chance to reconnect with yourself. My session gave me a greater appreciation for who I am from the inside out. My recaptured confidence allows me to slow down and take time for myself once again. It’s wonderful to rediscover things about myself that I forgot over time. I am forever changed by this experience.

It’s an experience that more mature women deserve to have on their resume of life. So many women think that they are “too old” or “no longer pretty enough” to be photographed. It would be interesting to see how many women would be interested in a sneak peek of their potential.

I have a new found confidence within myself. My soul shines differently. I no longer blend in. I am on top being noticed for who I am from the inside out.”

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