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How This Pennsylvania Activity Will Help You Love Your Curves

Do you love the way you look in your favorite pair of jeans? What about when you’re wearing a bathing suit on the beach? No matter what clothes we wear, it’s easy to feel self-conscious and want to hide our curves. But did you know that giving yourself permission to show off your body, even if for just one day, can help boost self-confidence and improve body image through empowerment and celebration of who we are! That’s why this Pennsylvania activity is perfect for falling in love with your body. What activity could possibly accomplish all that?! Boudoir, of course!

There is something magical about boudoir photography: It celebrates women’s bodies and gives them an opportunity to see themselves as sexy goddesses. It has been proven that this type of experience can help reduce anxiety around physical appearance while increasing confidence. Miss M was feeling self-conscious about her curves prior to her session, but now she can’t stop gloating about how amazing she looked.

“Booking a boudoir session was a personal decision I made because I wanted to feel the confidence in embracing my curves.”

She recounted to us, “I found Simply Lush on Facebook during a time where I was trying to love my body again. It was perfect timing! I was excited but definitely nervous. Well, honestly, more like fearful. Fearful that I wouldn’t feel confident and it would reflect in my photos. Fearful that I would hate the way my body looked in the final images. To my surprise (and glee), my experience was the exact opposite. My pictures are amazing and show how confident I felt during my session. This experience genuinely helped me learn to love and flaunt my curves.”

That’s why this exclusive Pennsylvania activity is a must for all women.

It’s for all women who feel their bodies are holding them back. Like they’re constantly looking in the mirror and wishing for a better version of themselves. But, what if I told you that there was a way to see yourself as others do? To look at yourself through their eyes and finally be able to appreciate all of the things about your body that make you unique. This isn’t just another photoshoot where we take some pictures and call it good enough; this is an experience designed specifically for women who are ready to love themselves again. Ready to embrace their curves, every inch of them, without shame or fear. Ready to let go of any inhibitions they might have had before coming here so that they can truly shine on camera with no regrets or worries about how they look in front of the lens ever again!

pennsylvania activity

You can do this!

And when we get done, I promise that all those feelings of self-doubt will melt away into nothingness as soon as you see yourself in these images. This is YOUR story – one that nobody has ever heard before – so let’s make sure it’s told properly. Follow the link below to get started!