How to Create Self-Acceptance Out of Your Insecurities

Do you ever sit in front of the mirror and just lament? You feel out of it mentally, emotionally, and physically? Your clothes don’t fit the way you want them to, your hair never lays right, and it feels as though everything is working against you. Well, you’re in luck today! There is a way to find self-acceptance through your insecurities. Now, this might sound counter-intuitive, but facing these insecurities head-on can absolutely empower you! Sound a little scary? It is, but YOU are worth it. Our friend Eve felt much like you did right now, and she has some advice for you.

“I’ve always struggled with my weight and that coupled with two abusive relationships led me to feel increasingly insecure.

As I began focusing more on myself, I found Simply Lush on Facebook. After looking through all of the photos and reviews of other women using boudoir as a way to gain confidence, I made the decision to do the same for myself! I won’t lie to you, though, while I was excited about this experience – I was also terrified.

Self-acceptance is not something that I have ever known, and I was honestly afraid that this would be another failed attempt at finding myself.

Going into my shoot, my biggest fear was how I would look in the pictures. Mostly because my body birthed four children, and on top of that, I lost a tremendous amount of weight due to an illness. Honestly, my body felt foreign to me. It felt as though I had lost all the parts of me that were “sexy” – my butt, boobs, and thighs. However, Ashley worked her magic and my insecurities made way for acceptance. I could finally see my beauty and confidence.

While the entire experience was simply amazing, my favorite part was probably the professional hair and makeup!

To be fair, I don’t often wear makeup, and I’m never sure how to do my hair, but the ability to sit there and be pampered was wonderful. The artist listened to my desires for the shoot and made sure I looked beautiful yet sophisticated. If you are on the fence, let me just say that I highly recommend working with Ashley and the ladies of Simply Lush. The experience will leave you knowing your worth, and wanting more for yourself! Personally, I can’t wait to work with them again!”

It’s time to step into your self-acceptance! Get out of your mental “funk” and experience what it means to feel empowered in your body. Follow the link below for all of the juicy details!