feel like a queen

How to Feel Like a Queen in Your Own Skin Today!

Are you feeling a little sluggish lately? Do you feel drained and unmotivated? This is because the current social pressures we face are constantly telling us that we’re not good enough. That we need to be thinner, prettier, more successful, or smarter in order to be worth it. Well, guess what – that’s just not true! You deserve happiness and self-love no matter what your body type is or where you’re at in life. So, how do you start to feel like a queen in your skin? This blog post will teach you how to feel like royalty on your own terms with boudoir photography by exploring the benefits of this empowering experience right in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Give yourself permission to love your body.

This is the first step in truly loving who you are. Don’t worry if you’re still figuring it out, because we are here to help. Just ask Miss B! After her session, her perceived imperfections didn’t seem so terrifying. She said, “If I was able to see any of my insecurities in any of the photos – I did, but I rocked that shit! This experience completely changed the way I view my body. I don’t have to fit in the molds that society tries to squeeze us all in to feel beautiful and wanted. And I’m gonna eat that piece of cheesecake and not feel guilty about it! All of my previously held beliefs felt silly once I was walking around the studio strutting my stuff.

Seriously, I walked out of the dressing room and yelled, ‘I feel like a queen!’

It was so much fun to be pampered with hair + makeup and then get dressed up. I was on top of the world! Everyone was so encouraging to be around, too. From the hair + makeup artist to Ashley + Amber. Not to mention, I felt so comfortable with Ashley. I felt confident in her presence – like she, herself, was able to make me feel love for my body before I ever saw my photos. And if that wasn’t reason enough to love my experience, I then saw myself through the lens of Ashley’s camera.

feel like a queen


Maybe that seems dramatic, but that was my actual response when I saw my photos for the first time. It didn’t seem possible that the person I see in the mirror every day and the person in these photos are the same. It is crazy how seeing myself in a different light allowed me to change my entire opinion of my body. There is nothing that could have been done to make the experience any better. Absolutely perfect! Now I walk around showing friends my album like, ‘You NEED to treat yourself to this!’ Which, by the way, the album quality is next level. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it surpassed any expectations I could have had.”

feel like a queen

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to book your boudoir experience, this is it! This experience will allow you to fall in love with your body all over again and appreciate what makes it unique. You deserve that kind of self-love every day – so take the plunge! Click the link below for more information on how we create an empowering photography session just for women who want to look their best at any age or stage of life! The results may surprise even you.