How to Rediscover Your Power in One Easy Step

We’ve all been there – felt as though everything you’ve been working towards just is not going the way you had planned. You start to feel powerless – like you have no control over the outcome. And while it is a common and familiar feeling for many of us, sometimes we just need a reminder that WE have the power. Luckily, we’ve found one step proven to help rediscover your power. Curious? Scroll down to learn more!

“I’ve had a shoot in the past when I had begun a journey of what many would coin as self-discovery”, Kristen recounted.

“At the time I had a realization that I was living in fear. I’d only just begun really living a few months before, but I thought I had come a long way in the self-confidence aspect. For this reason, I felt the shoot was a great step in the process for me. Fast forward to 2020 for my second shoot. I booked again because I thought it might help me find that fire in me again, even though I felt more powerless than ever. I thought I had much less self-confidence going in, but I was wrong and the second experience did set a fire in me that I don’t think I’ve ever had before.

The photoshoot really helped me rediscover my power.

Previously, I had been bottling up everything I’ve ever felt inside of myself and kept it closely guarded. Walking into the studio was the first time I’ve ever felt comfortable being in front of anyone so stripped of everything, physically and mentally. I walked around the studio in my lingerie with much more ease and poise than I expected and opened up with teary eyes to Ashley and the staff about how much I’ve struggled mentally this year. Becoming so vulnerable wasn’t in the plan, but I felt so comfortable that it just kind of happened. I think I walked out of the studio much more confident not only in my body but my emotions, as well. More confident with who I am and who I’m becoming every day- in times of struggle and otherwise.

My favorite part was how I was able to really open up and be so vulnerable when I was experiencing such disparity within myself.

It felt otherworldly and almost cathartic. It helped give me the will to keep rising above the struggles and I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am for the experience. This year felt like a series of struggles that stripped me of my power, my confidence, uniqueness, and all things good. I felt like a shell of myself for a long time. I left the photoshoot feeling FULL of emotion, power, vulnerability, love, and I’m forever grateful for the ladies at the studio to have helped me on this journey to heal!

If I could give anyone looking to rediscover their power and themselves advice, it would be this:

There’s so much to be learned about yourself by stepping out of “your normal” and into this other world. It really doesn’t have to be JUST a fun experience. This is something that can be truly life-altering if you allow yourself to open up, be vulnerable, and reflect on yourself. I can remember the countless times I wanted to cancel my shoot because I didn’t look like I wanted to physically and didn’t FEEL strong enough emotionally. The truth is I was me, in that moment, so it didn’t matter what I looked like. And I WAS strong enough and found much more strength through the experience. Your power is waiting inside you to be rediscovered and built upon. This is your time!”

You heard Kristen, and we couldn’t agree more – this is your time! Stop thinking you need something more than to be who you are right now. Who you are is beautiful, powerful, and sensual. Click the link below and let us prove it to you.