being nude

Is Being Nude in Front of a Photographer Really Scary?

Is being nude in front of a boudoir photographer really scary? Yes and no. It’s not as scary as you might think, but it will be challenging for some to feel comfortable enough to go through with the experience. We all have insecurities, and it’s natural to feel that way! However, with the right photographer, you’ll forget about your insecurities and will only see how beautiful you are. Boudoir photography is not an act of sexualizing yourself; instead, it captures femininity at its most vulnerable state. It’s empowering because it’s about you and your personal connection with your body. Miss L sought out this empowerment. Continue reading below to find what she learned from her experience!

“I was blown away by the artistry and beauty of every photo I saw from Simply Lush,” Miss L recalled.

The photos were sexy, but also very artistic. They also showed women of all shapes/sizes/ages all looking absolutely beautiful. After seeing that photo, I knew it was something my husband would love, and since I was turning 50 this year I figured, why not go for it. Booking my session motivated me to take better care of my body and skin, and I hope to continue that. However, I won’t deny that I was very very anxious leading up to my experience. Afterward, though, I felt relieved. Many of the concerns I had had were all in my head.

I’m not thrilled about being nude in front of people.

Doctors are one thing, but to be in lingerie or half-naked in front of anyone other than my husband is not something I relish. However, I can say it was not an issue for me during my session at all. Ashley says it’s a no-judgment zone and it’s not bullshit. She is sincere in that. I was in my own head about other things, but being half-naked was not even a minor concern. That’s huge for me. To me, if you can get over that part, the rest will follow. I know my next session will be even better than my first because now I know that Ashley and her team are truthfully there to build me up.

I would say every woman should do this at least once in her life, regardless of age/weight/etc.

You’ll be surprised how comfortable you feel being nude in front of Ashley (and Amber, love her!) I’d say the photos can be as sexy or as classy as you want them to be. No matter what type of photos you chose, you will not regret the experience.”

being nude

“I’m not sure if I can do this.” “What if my body looks weird?” These are the thoughts that might race through your mind as a photographer sets up to take your photographs. However, your worries about feeling embarrassed or nervous won’t be an issue when working with us; we take pride in making our clients feel comfortable during every step of their session. Click below for more information on how we can help with all your needs related to capturing your beauty without compromise or fear.