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Sweets by Alyssa

“I’d have to say my biggest inspiration is knowing that I can create anything I want, and the possibilities are entirely endless.”

—Alyssa Grunza

Owner of Sweets by Alyssa

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, then July’s Local Love feature is for you! With custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, Sweets by Alyssa is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth in style.

Owned and operated by Alyssa Grunza, Sweets by Alyssa provides customers with quality, one-of-a-kind desserts that are not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing. Alyssa knows that every occasion is as unique as her customers, so she strives to make their events unforgettable with her hand-decorated goodies.

“I aim to make any occasion extra-special and memorable with hand-decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies,” she said.

Sweets by Alyssa is an online business currently operating out of the Scranton area. Alyssa opened her digital doors on Facebook in February 2018 and has high hopes of opening a storefront in the near future. And, if you were at Simply Lush’s Annual Open House in April, you may have gotten a taste of Alyssa’s talents because those other-worldly cupcakes were her doing!

While she has a wide variety of customers, Alyssa found that the common thread among her clientele is a love of art and creativity. She also recently discovered that her character-themed cakes and versatile style attract mothers of all ages looking to take their children’s birthday parties to the next level.

However, Alyssa’s confectionary calling wasn’t always so clear. After a couple years of college and changing majors a few times, nothing really grabbed Alyssa’s interest. But, when she discovered she had a knack for cake-decorating, everything began to fall into place.

“For years, I struggled with finding what my purpose was, and I unexpectedly found cake-decorating. I got such positive feedback on all my sweets, so I created a business Facebook page and it all started there!”

Though she finds personal fulfillment to be the biggest upside of running her own business, this boss babe’s baked goods enterprise is also a place where her imagination can run wild.

“I’d have to say my biggest inspiration is knowing that I can create anything I want, and the possibilities are entirely endless. Nothing drives me more than being able to make someone’s occasion just a little more special with a custom dessert.”

Meet Alyssa Grunza:

This 25-year-old Jessup native is a self-made businesswoman who has a sweet tooth herself. And while the knowledge she’s picked up over the years has been plentiful, she believes her growth and evolution requires on-going education.

“Everything I know about baking and decorating is all self-taught, and I am continuing to learn more and more every day.”


Sweets by Alyssa caters to any occasion and can be reached quickly and easily here:


Email: lysgrunza@gmail.com

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