“It rules being able to advocate and support our friends and the causes and people we believe in through our platform.”

—Patrice Wilding & Jessica McDonough

Owners & DJs of SaturBae



Get ready to kick off your summer by being boldly and unapologetically yourself with May’s Local Love feature, DJ duo SaturBae!

On a mission to make you dance like no one’s watching, Patrice Wilding (aka DJ Scridge) and Jessica McDonough (aka DJ NapSnaxXx) are here to get the party started. And EVERYONE’S invited, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

“We are a female-focused, LGBTQ-allied music and dance powerhouse, and we love that our mom friends find sitters to come out to SaturBae [events], or that our queer friends feel comfortable letting loose with us while we play. But SaturBae is an equal-opportunity fun time, so we welcome any and all who can show respect to everyone around them while getting down…We want to see our patrons dancing like they would at home in front of the full-length mirror.”

Based out of Scranton, PA, SaturBae is Scranton’s only female DJ duo. They got their start at The Bog during a Panked! event in February 2016 when they hopped on the turntables for a guest spin. With an undeniable style and overwhelming reaction from the crowd, The Bog’s co-owner, Brian Craig, invited DJ Scridge and DJ NapSnaxXx back in April 2016 to host their very own gig.

“Our biggest goal is to take care of the people who come out to see us. We encourage our audience to scream-sing along with beloved hip-hop and pop classics, mostly from the ’90s and early 2000s, though we do love a good throwback jam, too.”

In fact, both women were musically raised on late ‘90s and early 2000s programming and artists, like MTV’s TRL, Mariah Carey, and Alanis Morrisette. Their memories of these times and musicians do more than satisfy teenage nostalgia, they offer a glimpse into the inner-world and evolution of these two girl bosses.

“Like many my age, I was a TRL addict, rushing home from school to watch while I devoured a sleeve of Chips Ahoy. I love that I (and many of our biggest supporters) have finally reached an age and a confidence level where we are no longer embarrassed to like the things we like, dance the way we want, and show love for music we previously hid as ‘guilty pleasures,’” said Wilding.

“I will never forget the first time I saw Mariah’s video for “Always Be My Baby,” or scream-sang “You Oughta Know” with Alanis because it was relatable (and in a vocal range that was manageable). I love that SaturBae has given us the opportunity to promote and practice unabashedly being oneself, which is a relatively radical concept. I’m grateful that it has grown into a platform to promote inclusiveness and a safe space for everyone,” said McDonough.

And while these two badass babes are all about having a good time, what lies at the heart of SaturBae is a deep love and commitment to the Scranton area. Whether through their residency at The Bog, special events, pop-up shows, or Viking and witch/wizard/Harry Potter-themed weddings, the duo takes pride in being a strong influence and support for the community.

“It rules being able to advocate and support our friends and the causes and people we believe in through our platform. We’ve been happy to host benefits and fundraisers, or donate our services and portions of our door money to organizations like Queer NEPA, NEPA NOW, and the Scranton Shakespeare Festival, plus area cancer patients and even animals in need. And when we’re not helping someone directly that way, we are insanely proud of the feedback and love we get for our musical direction, our vibe, and the way we are fiercely feminist. We’re doing dance parties the way we want and love, and it’s really gratifying to see it speaking to others, too.”

Meet SaturBae:

Jessica McDonough/DJ NapSnaxXx (left) & Patrice Wilding/DJ Scridge (right)

Patrice Wilding (aka DJ Scridge) is a 35-year-old Olyphant native who currently resides in Clarks Summit with her husband, Justin; their son, Johnny; and a small zoo of cats and dogs. An award-winning reporter and copy editor for The Times-Tribune, The Citizens’ Voice, and Electric City, Wilding also periodically lends voice talent to radio stations, including Rock 107, ALT 92. 1 and, in the past, ESPN Radio. When considering SaturBae’s journey and success, Wilding gives credit to her friends Brian Langan, a local (and now Philadelphia-based) musician, as well as local actor and fellow DJ, Conor McGuigan.

“[They] introduced me to even more great music and let me steal some stage time through the years, which nurtured this venture,” she said.

Jessica McDonough (aka DJ NapSnaxXx) is a 34-year-old Honesdale native who currently resides in Scranton with her family of adopted dogs and cats. After teaching music and theatre arts for nine years, she decided three years ago to change course and pursue a career as a therapist, when she received her degree in counseling. Like Wilding, McDonough also says SaturBae wouldn’t be the phenomenon it is today without the support of others.

“I want to thank Panked! for the guest set that started it all, Brian Craig for giving us a shot, and each and every one of our supporters, who are all a part of SaturBae!”


You can catch SaturBae spinnin’ their magic in Scranton at these upcoming events:

SaturBae Dance Party!, Saturday, May 25th from 10 pm – 1 am @ Peculiar Slurp

Weird & Wired Punk Bazaar and Zine Expo 2019, Saturday June 8th from 12 pm – 5 pm @ St. Mary’s Center


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Phone: 570-604-0581 or 570-335-8655


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