The Importance of Male Boudoir: A Behind the Scenes Look

When it comes to boudoir, my forte has been women. Not that I objected to the idea of male boudoir, I had just only worked with women. Why only women? No specific reason other than it was what I felt comfortable doing. Helping women step into their value, shed their insecurities, and stand in their power.

But what about male boudoir?

Here I am inspiring women to step outside of their comfort zone to see themselves in a new light and what I am doing for men? The men who crave to feel something similar. The men who ache for empowerment they could easily obtain through a male boudoir experience.

Sexual exploration is something that happens for both women and men. As such, boudoir can be an empowering experience for both as well. Men are expected to follow specific standards in regards to their masculinity. These standards subsequently complicate men’s relationships with their bodies and identities. For example, we know men can be soft and playful. These characteristics deserve to be proudly displayed – not criticized.

Like many men, Sidney has felt the heaviness of these male expectations.

He recounts, “Growing up, I was exposed to a lot of expectations concerning what makes a man a man. Even into my early twenties, I faced criticism for expressing interest in things such as dancing and the arts, as opposed to solely stereotypical “manly” things. I have also struggled substantially with my self-esteem, and have never considered myself “worth” being seen in such a light.

When asked why he decided to book a male boudoir session, his response resonated with me.

“I am finally arriving at the point in my life where I feel comfortable enough in my own skin and mind to want to be photographed in such a way. I would like to show that I can embody a variety of looks/personalities in my photos (i.e. serious, soft, humorous, sexy), because I am proud to be a multi-faceted individual who loves and embraces all sides of his personality.

Most of all, I am excited to finally commit to what I consider a transformative experience that celebrates me and my identity as a person, which is something I historically struggled with being proud of.”


Feeling inspired to try a session out for yourself? We think you should (yes, gentlemen, we mean YOU)!

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