My Own Boudoir Journey

The Next Chapter

My Own Boudoir Journey

Since this is my last blog for Simply Lush, I wanted to share my own boudoir journey. As many of you know, I’m a librarian. And now, after an incredible two years with Ashley Matthews and Simply Lush, it’s time for me to return to Libraryland.
As a librarian, I’m fiercely committed to helping people live their best lives. In fact, that’s why I began working with Simply Lush in the first place. While boudoir and librarianship may seem worlds apart, they both seek to do the same thing: uplift and empower people.

What I didn’t expect is that I myself would be uplifted and empowered by working in boudoir.

It all started when I met Ashley through a twist of fate and a mutual friend in June 2017. I was in a dark place personally, and professionally I was facing a massive transition. Let’s just say, I felt discouraged, uncomfortable in my own skin, and uncertain about my future. So, when Ashley asked if I wanted to write the blog for Simply Lush, I jumped at the opportunity.

Ashley and I had an instant connection, and within a few months of writing the blog, I became her studio assistant and social media manager. But most importantly, we became friends. I’ll spare you all the sappy details and leave it at this: to share a personal, professional, and creative relationship with someone is a rare gift, and I’m grateful for it every day.

Because of Simply Lush, I’ve had the great fortune of meeting many amazing, downright BADASS women, including the warm-hearted, hysterical, and ultra-talented Maria Bonacuse-Martin. You may know Maria as our exclusive hair and makeup artist, but what you may not know is that over the last year I’ve been working with her as well, helping with her company’s social media. Both Ashley and Maria taught me about recognizing and embracing my skills, experience, and overall value in a way my resume never could.

They saw my truest self and made sure I saw it, too.

But it’s YOU who have empowered me the most. The women who support Simply Lush’s mission, who keep reading this blog week after week, who defy their comfort zones, bare their hearts, souls, and bodies, and step in front of Ashley’s camera. Your personal stories, your bravery, strength, and resilience kept me in a constant state of awe, admiration, and self-reflection. I saw myself in every single one of your stories. And I knew that if you could do it (whatever the “it” was), so could I. The depth of gratitude I feel towards you can’t be expressed in words.

And while I’m saddened that the next chapter for me and Simply Lush start in different books, I’ll always remember to step into my value and stand in my power. And THAT is the greatest gift of all.

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