standard of beauty

One Daring Way to Stop Limiting Your Standard of Beauty

What is sexy? What is the standard of beauty you are holding yourself to? Social media and the world at large have long led a vendetta against women, and the way they view their bodies. That stops here, today. Today, we are taking a stand against unrealistic standards for both our sexuality and our bodies. Curious to know how to combat the deep-seated feelings of unworthiness left behind by those unrealistic standards? We have everything you need below. So, keep reading!

Feeling good in your own skin doesn’t require weight loss or gimmicks.

All you need to feel good in your body is to love yourself! Truly, that’s it. Struggling with self-love? You’re not alone. Miss M was riding that same struggle bus a few months ago. She told us, ” Weight has always been on my mind, especially when family members would make comments about it, even when I was only 110 pounds. So, it definitely gave me a complex about my body. I constantly felt I had to go to the gym every day. That’s when I decided I needed to book another boudoir session to regain my confidence. Yes, I said another session. This experience was my third shoot with Ashley, and each time has helped me in such different ways.

standard of beauty

I was in a dark place with my standard of beauty a month before this last session.

I was overly critical of myself and feeling overwhelmed. Honestly, I considered rescheduling my session until I lost a few pounds so I fit a more ‘ideal’ body type. Then, I remembered why I was doing this session and weight had nothing to do with it. It was about diving into my insecurities and feeling comfortable in my skin. To say this session accomplished that goal is an understatement. I left the studio feeling like a sexy badass queen, and all of my doubts about my self-image were washed away. I felt STRONG + empowered in my outfits. It was such an amazing feeling.

Want to know the truth? I felt more like myself and expressed myself more true to who I am than I have ever been able to before.

Do you know how liberating it is to finally feel like YOU? To not feel limited in your beauty + power? If you can’t say yes to either of those, I urge you to step outside your comfort zone and work with Ashley. You will have the best experience! You’ll be looking at your photos like, ‘damn, that’s me?!?!’ Oh, you think you’re too heavy? You aren’t my size? Well, so fucking what? Ashley is going to make you look amazing, and it’s not even about that. It’s about feeling good and empowering yourself. You need to do this for yourself. Really, you do.”

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