Pandemic Fatigue: How to overcome it with one meaningful experience

Do you feel it? I do. Stuck in a never-ending cycle of work and home. Many things are closed or not fully operational. It all feels mundane, doesn’t it? Like you’re stuck in a rut with no way out. And while it seems we will have to deal with Covid for the foreseeable future, we don’t have to allow pandemic fatigue to hold us back from life-altering experiences.

Celebrating your life and accomplishments does not need to stop. Really – it doesn’t!

Maybe traditional celebrations don’t make sense right now, but that does not mean the fun is over. Many of us are, instead, opting to invest in more intimate and transformative experiences. Miss F jumped on this idea as well. ” I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday in a special way,” she told us. “However, due to the pandemic, the traditional ways were out, so I decided to book a boudoir session to make it unforgettable. That’s not to say I wasn’t comfortable with my body. On the contrary, I was already very confident with my body and sexuality due to a couple of years of exotic pole dancing. So, the session’s goal was not to change how beautiful I feel or think I am. Instead, the goal was to portray my beauty in a way that reflects how I truly feel.

Pandemic fatigue is real, and it was beginning to affect how I felt.

For example, despite my confidence, I was afraid I wouldn’t like my photos. I know that is probably a normal feeling, but it was not a comfortable one. Of course, though, I love my finished images. And, on a similar note, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt walking around naked through the studio. In my head, I set the intention to have to overcome a bit of self-consciousness to be photographed in that way, especially as the clothes were coming off. However, Ashley made me feel incredibly comfortable and in my element. I led myself to believe it would be hard to feel comfortable in this setting, but it wasn’t. This is remarkable to me because in many other scenarios I’m very wary of how I look or how I might be perceived. But here, in the studio, I was free to be and it was amazing.

Ashley is the right person to capture your beauty in the most incredible way, and you deserve to immortalize that beauty through this experience.

After my session, I listened to an interview with a photographer. He said that the photographs really capture what the photographer sees and not necessarily what’s there. For instance, when a picture captures pain, it is because the photographer is capturing pain. On the other hand, when a picture is beautiful and captures kindness in a given person, it is because the photographer is seeing the beauty and kindness in that moment. Ashley’s work truly embodies that she is able to see the beauty in each and every woman she works with. I believe it is an amazing talent to be able to bring that beauty out from anyone, even if they don’t feel beautiful themselves. It speaks to how much she loves her work and maybe even loves her subjects during shoots.”

Relieve your fatigue by immortalizing your beauty in a tailored to you photo session of your dreams! You won’t be sorry, we promise.