Why You Should be a “Repeat Offender”

Curious why it seems we show many of the same women on our social media pages? It’s because we do! MOST of our clients fall under the “repeat offender” umbrella (don’t worry only in the sense of harnessing their sexual beauty). We often discuss boudoir as a “once in a lifetime experience,” but truthfully, it is so much more than that.

Boudoir enables many women (or men) to feel confident not just about their bodies but in their lives in general. Are you looking to tackle goals that have been forgotten? A session can give you that motivation you need, and it can continue to do that after every session you experience.

Alyssa, a favorite repeat offender, explains:

“This was my third time in front of the camera at Simply Lush. Why here? Honestly, because of Ashley. I’m sure there are hundreds of people that can take a good photo, but the effort that Ashley brings to her sessions is astounding. She made me feel so comfortable and empowered. I don’t see myself having my yearly photoshoot with anyone else!

And maybe a yearly photoshoot seems excessive to some. However, I left my last session and started applying to new jobs, booked a flight to Europe, cleaned my whole house, and applied for graduation. I left that photoshoot feeling not only beautiful and empowered, but capable and motivated to keep those feelings alive. It was a gateway to opening my life to those things I always wanted to do but never had the confidence to go for.

Self-loathing and doubt were things I carried with me for a long time, and being able to feel released from that is a feeling next to none.

I stopped questioning myself and double-checking in the mirror every time I passed by. I finally gained the confidence that with any move I made, I was displaying the best parts of myself.

Seriously, I recommend an annual boudoir session to everyone. Make it a yearly tradition for yourself. I have a gallery on my phone to show the magic that Ashley can do! Trust me; it will be one of the most defining moments of your life.”

Had a shoot in the past, and considering another one? Become our next “repeat offender”! Click the link below to get started!