Story of Self-Discovery through Boudoir

We know it’s difficult to take me-time without feeling guilty, but at Simply Lush, self-care is sexy! By practicing self-care, we demonstrate to ourselves that we are worthy of compassion, dignity, and respect. And nothing is hotter than giving yourself the love you deserve.

As busy women you are constantly on the go, juggling careers, kids, relationships, and more. Life pulls you in all sorts of directions, and like the badasses you are, you just keep slaying it. And that’s why we love you! It’s also why we want to celebrate and pamper you with a boudoir experience.

It’s a day that’s all about YOU.

See, we think of boudoir as chicken soup for the soul. It encourages you to embrace your essence, and honor yourself and your power as a woman. More than that, a boudoir experience is a way to relax, indulge, luxuriate, and completely focus on your sexy self.

First, our professional hair and makeup artist will treat you to a light makeover, expertly enhancing and illuminating your natural beauty right here, in our studio! Then, you’ll step in front of Ashley’s camera for a portrait session to embrace your essence. From preparing, posing, and expression coaching, Ashley takes care of everything.

After an afternoon of diving in deep and taking intimate photos, you’ll feel rejuvenated and reconnected to yourself.

This week’s model left her boudoir shoot feeling empowered, strong, and proud that she took the leap and booked a session. Here’s what she had to say about her personal journey and why she chose to honor herself with a Simply Lush experience:

“I had a rough early 20’s: I had a bad partner, and I gave up a lot of what made me ‘me.’ As I dug myself out, I desperately wanted her back. I wanted to be the woman who knew she was buxom and funny and was able to laugh without apology. Every week, I read the Simply Lush blog and was always inspired by how these women looked so comfortable in their own skin.

Working with Ashley and her team…reminded me how proud I should be of myself, and how far I’ve come.

I had seen a lot of my friends work with Ashley and I was always so incredibly impressed by her work. She showed these women in the way I always saw them: as these buxom, seductive, POWERFUL women. I wanted the same experience. I’m a dancer, of sorts, but sometimes my curves ‘get in the way’ of moves I’m trying to achieve. This session reminded me that all bodies are beautiful, and I’ve worked hard for mine. I’m grateful for the way I’m able to move, and I should enjoy my feminine form.

Ashley is the queen of making her clients comfortable. I was nervous about the exposure. I had known Ashley socially, but the idea of being scantily clad in front of a near-stranger was unnerving. Ashley was so great about setting up the angles/lighting and poses she wanted from me that I forgot I was really getting to know her for the first time. My favorite part was how natural the shots became! I was so surprised how much we laughed during my session, and some of those photos became my favorite shots.”

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