• Boudoir Specialist

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    Boudoir Specialist

    Working with a boudoir specialist is essential if you want the maximum experience of a boudoir session.

    Lucky for you, Simply Lush is the only boudoir specialist in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area.

    But, what does that really mean?

  • boudoir art

    Simply Lush Keepsakes

    Boudoir Art

    Boudoir art is a stunning and elegant way to preserve your Simply Lush experience for a lifetime.

    And today, we’re sharing our sexiest keepsakes and most cherished collections with you!

  • Body Positivity

    Electric City Love Story

    Body Positivity

    The termĀ body positivity encompasses such a myriad of meanings that it can be a challenge to understand it, let alone practice it.