Guilt-Free Me-Time

How To Take Time For Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

As women, we are the glue of our families, homes, and offices, so it’s definitely a challenge to take time for yourself without feeling guilty. Often, life pulls you in so many damn directions, and there are so many people depending on you, the very idea of taking me-time feels wrong and selfish.

Well, guess what?

Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish or wrong. In fact, self-care is the very thing that replenishes and sustains your ability to create the future you want, give to others, and live your best life.

So this blog is all about how to love yourself up and hold yourself down!

Self-Care Doesn’t Mean Self-Sacrifice

Constantly putting others’ needs ahead of your own may seem like the right thing to do, but if you aren’t taking care of yourself it can quickly deplete your emotional reserves. In our society, women are expected to be nurturers, sometimes to our detriment. Self-care allows you to recharge and rejuvenate. Because the reality is, there ARE people counting on you. Replenish your personal well because you can’t give what you don’t have.

Self-Care Requires Self-Focus

Loving others starts with loving yourself. And to love yourself, you must first get to know yourself. Spend some quality time with yourself. Discover who you are, your passions and dislikes, your dreams and desires. As RuPaul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Self-Care Breeds Self-Respect 

We teach people how to treat us. If you don’t value yourself, neither will anyone else. The standards we hold for ourselves send a message to others about how we expect to be treated. Self-care sets boundaries and sends a message that you won’t tolerate disrespectful behavior or treatment.

Self-Care Connects Us to Self-Worth

By practicing self-care, we demonstrate to ourselves that we are worthy of compassion, dignity, and respect. The more you get to know and love yourself, the more you’ll recognize your inherent value—

You’re worthy and special just because you’re you!

Check out this article by Jo Ritchie for more on this topic and tips for creating your own self-care routine.

Below are some of our favorite tips…what are some of yours?

5 Tips for Self-Care

*List 3 things every day you’re grateful for

*Be kind, compassionate, and patient with yourself

*Practice mindfulness by embracing the present moment

*Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people

*Pursue your passions and creativity

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