the truth behind boudoir

The Truth Behind Why I Almost Canceled my Boudoir Photos

The Truth Behind Boudoir

Have you ever decided to jump outside your comfort zone and then panic? Every bit of doubt and fear you’ve ever held feels like it’s seeping from your pores. It’s insisting you aren’t capable. You aren’t worthy. You aren’t ENOUGH. Your inner voice is kicking and screaming to sabotage your growth. DO NOT LISTEN. It’s a trap. Your fear does not want you to grow. In fact, it’s dependent upon you listening to its need for things to remain stagnant, but it’s time to look fear in the eyes – and fly. Our client Miss C can relate to these feelings. She almost canceled her experience altogether. Want to know why and what happened when she didn’t? Continue reading to find the truth behind boudoir.

the truth behind boudoir

“I’m not in a place where I am fulling loving myself.”

Miss C recounted to us, “I remember reaching out to cancel my session because I was so lost in my own fear and apprehension. I didn’t expect to be asked why I had changed my mind, but I was honest with my answer. The response I received from the Simply Lush team to validate how I felt, coupled with their encouragement (and overall respect for my personal decisions), gave me a renewed sense of hope. Why was I talking myself out of something I was previously excited about? Honestly, it’s because I felt unworthy. My body wasn’t something I was 100% happy with, and I just kept imagining that I would feel uncomfortable.

the truth behind boudoir

I was so wrong. The session made me feel like a Boss Ass Bitch!

I cannot express how over the moon I am with how my pictures came out. They give me a whole new appreciation for my body. It made me realize that I truly didn’t know what I looked like. In my opinion, I would say I’m a little above average size-wise, but that is still beautiful! My body can be sensual and attractive, and there was never any reason for me to feel ashamed of it. After the first outfit, I didn’t even think about my body “flaws” anymore. I just went with it! Truthfully, it has helped me feel so much more comfortable and confident in my own skin.

You will not regret this! It was one of the most fun and empowering things I’ve ever done.

There are not enough words to explain what an amazing and priceless experience was for me. The truth behind boudoir is that we can recognize the beauty of others while not questioning our own. This experience really took that point home for me. I realized that not only are all women beautiful, but I am too! I fall in the “all women” category! The empowerment didn’t just come for the photos, though. The women of Simply Lush are absolutely wonderful. The entire team made me feel so comfortable and welcome that I felt like I were among friends. I loved laughing, being encouraged to pose, or arch. It was a warm, natural experience. Even while stumbling through some poses, there was a lightheartedness about the shoot. Ashley encouraged me all the way! I cannot wait to go back!”

Shake loose from your fear and come into the power you’ve kept locked away. Experiences are extremely limited so make sure to reserve a spot today (or it might be too late)! Get all of the juicy details with a free phone consultation by clicking the link below.