authentic self

What is the Best Way to Discover Your Authentic Self?

It can often prove difficult to live a life that is true to your authentic self. Why? Well, there are multiple reasons this can be true. The biggest of which is society’s expectations. This can have a huge impact on what actions we take, or even on our personal convictions. This can make it hard to align your feelings and behaviors. Luckily, we have curated a safe space that is FREE of society’s expectations and assumptions. A space where you are free to explore yourself without judgment. Miss A recently took full advantage of this space and gave us some insight into her experience.

“I was looking to empower myself while also creating a gift for my boyfriend. Kill two birds with one stone, if you will,” Miss A told us.

” Since I have a previous Simply Lush experience under my belt, it was my first thought when I fell into a slump. The last time I was in the studio had helped me unleash more of my sensual side, and I knew it could help me this time around as well. When I reached out to book my shoot, I let Ashley know that while it was going to be a gift, I was also hoping to focus on being my truest self. I had fallen into this mindset about who I really am and if I was living in a way that coincided with who that is.

This session really helped me see myself as I really am without so much criticism. My real authentic self.

I was being so hard on myself, and I’m not sure why I felt like I wasn’t meeting some sort of expectation. After my session, however, I felt free of those thoughts + feelings. Ashley was able to capture me as I really am and in a way that emulates my style. Truthfully, I couldn’t be more in love with the outcome. The photos are absolutely breathtaking and better than I ever imagined they would be!

If you’re looking for the perfect experience, this is it!

Honestly, there is not a thing I would change about my experiences here. Each one has been different and tailored to my needs at that time. Ashley is not only very knowledgeable and professional, but she is also a LOT of fun! She makes the process so easy and inviting that it’s impossible to be stuck in your self-doubt. Seriously, give it a go. You won’t be sorry!”

authentic self
authentic self

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