Who are you?

Bad-Ass Babes in the Building

Who are you?

Who are you?

No, no, no. Don’t tell me you’re a teacher, lawyer, librarian, nurse, or mother. 

I don’t want to know what you do. I want to know who you are

The essence of you that lives in the core of your spirit and being.

I know; it’s an overwhelming question.

How about I tell you a story while you mull it over?

This blog was supposed to be a continuation of our Boulder Boudoir Adventure; a “Part Two” of sorts.

And I guess it is, but not in the way I originally envisioned it.

See, on the last day of our adventure, we received devastating news. Our friend, force of nature, and all-around incredible human being had died by suicide. She was in her 20s, smart AF, beyond beautiful, and endlessly compassionate. And whether it was for five minutes or five years, you were a better person for having known her.

In fact, she taught Ashley and me about living fiercely, unapologetically. She taught us about the importance of maximizing every moment and fully embracing the essence of who we are.

And that’s what our boudoir adventure was all about: this recurring theme of showing up as who you are. Because that is your strength, your unique power in this world.

From the lessons and workshops of the AIBP retreat in Boulder, to reconnecting with old friends in Fort Collins, we were constantly reminded that we’re awesome because we’re us.

And who we are is more than enough.

So, I ask you: Who are you?

Relentless, vibrant, lonely, bold, terrified, intense, chill, exuberant, soulful, raging, joyous, silly, serious, resilient.

All you. All perfect.

Now, in the spirit of sharing, community, and ultra-love, here’s some fun facts from our trip!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram and Facebook, you know we’ve been busy babes. For eight days, we were sponges, and we learned all the things…

Fun Fact #1: Photography is all about controlling light. You can actually tell what style of lighting a photographer used on their model by looking at the model’s nose! Their nose will cast a shadow that indicates whether the photographer used Rembrandt, loop, or butterfly lighting.

Fun Fact #2: There is no Room 237 at The Stanley Hotel. If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s The Shining, you remember the creepy old woman in Room 237. Turns out, King stayed in Room 217 at The Stanley, the site of much paranormal activity and the inspiration behind the novel itself. Since the exterior scenes of Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of the book were shot at the Timberline Lodge, the owners feared they’d lose business if Room 217 was used in the movie. As a result, Kubrick changed the room number to 237 before filming began. (Check out the photos below for a Lego version of The Stanley Hotel. See if you can spot the little ghost floating on the balcony!)

Fun Fact #3: Even boudoir photographers are nervous as hell to do a boudoir shoot! That’s right—Ashley had her very own boudoir experience with the mega-talented Jessica Rae at an Airbnb in Denver (pics below). She ROCKED it, of course. But, her pre-shoot jitters almost did her in. So, when Ashley says she can relate to any woman excited and terrified to do a boudoir shoot, you better believe she means it!

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